Todd Winters for Gardner Mayor

About Todd

  • Married, father of two

  • Resident and local business owner for over 20 years

Trusted Community Leader

  • President of the City Council

  • Over 10 years on the City Council

  • Past Chair of the Chamber of Commerce

  • Past Rotary President

  • Past Chair of the Festival on the Trails

  • Coached numerous teams through Parks and Rec

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"Trusted & Proven Leadership"

The right choice for Gardner

Committed to keeping Gardner safe

Gardner is continually listed as one of the safest cities in Kansas. Providing our Public Safety department with the resources they need has been, and will continue to be, a top priority for me. My track record shows strong support for our men and women on the police force. We will NOT “defund the police!” My excellent working relationship with the Fire District and Sheriff’s office strengthens our safety team.

Committed to keeping Gardner affordable

Gardner has one of the lowest Mill rates for a city of its size in the state of Kansas. For the last 6 years, I have strived to keep that rate low through careful analysis and implementation of our budget. Our utilities offer exceptional service while keeping our rates comparable to other providers. I was in strong support of offering the free month of electric service to our citizens during the pandemic. Our housing is often more affordable than other communities in Johnson County.

Common-sense approach to growth and development

I am a big proponent of bringing the right new development and businesses to town because they provide numerous benefits to our community including: more shopping, dining, and entertainment options, new jobs, and helps to broaden our tax base alleviating the burden from residential homeowners. We have worked hard over the past few years to ensure that developers and business owners know that Gardner is “open for business!” I have the experience and leadership necessary to negotiate the best projects for Gardner.

Committed to enhancing our downtown

With our growth, it is important to maintain that “small town feel.” When I first opened my office 20 years ago, we were a town of around 9000. We are now closer to 25,000! Enhancing our downtown and creating a pedestrian friendly “hub” for our city is a great way to keep that sense of community. I recently served on a committee to redevelop our downtown, and an amazing concept was developed. I have a plan to aggressively push this forward through the right incentives and partnerships.

Dedicated to securing Gardner’s future

As a resident AND business owner, I am all-in on Gardner! We are a thriving community with still more potential! I only want what is best for Gardner and pride myself on tolerance and appreciation of differing views when it is in the best interest of our community. My level-headed approach allows me to work well with other council members and form positive working relationships for Gardner with our schools, our county, developers, and other neighboring communities.